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Admission Management

Our Admissions Management has made the entire admissions process easy and smooth. The solution is designed to cater all requirements of admission counselor in streamlining the complete admission process. The applicant can make online admission enquiry, fill up registration form, upload documents, make online payment and also track the status of the application anytime. Schools can configure the steps involved in admission process for different classes and also set-up auto allotment of interaction schedules.

The Principal/Management can track the actual numbers from enquiries to admission acceptance and also compare the data with previous years. Daily MIS report on enquiries, registrations, admissions and withdrawals significantly help the management to track the students’ strength at any point in time.


  • Student Registration
  • Admission
  • Define Academic Year
  • Stationary Details
  • Student Class Promotion
  • Student Image Download
  • Session Transfer
  • Download Student Form Online
  • Define Merit Criteria
  • Merit List Generation
  • Upload Student Documents
  • Merit Criteria Entry
  • Fee Collection Report
  • Student Details
  • Merit List Report
  • Sibling Report
  • Search & Import Online Report
  • Class Wise Admission Report
  • Verification Admission Form
  • Student Modification History Report

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