Fee Collection

Simplify fee management with a secure payment gateway and view all transaction details. Parents can pay the fee online from home; get receipts instantly on email and in-app. Money is automatically allocated to the correct receipt head. No waiting, no lines, no data mismatch.


  • Define Fee Installment
  • Define Fee Head
  • Assign Multiple Group To Student
  • Define And Assign Concession
  • Define Fee Head Concession
  • Student Fee Adjustment
  • Student Fee Details
  • Late Fee Setting
  • Assign Waive Off / Manual Late Fine
  • Fee Entry
  • Print Fee Receipt And Certificate
  • FCancel Fee Receipt
  • Manual Fee Modification
  • Refund Head Amount
  • Fee Upload
  • Online Fee Settlement
  • Daily Fee Collection
  • Collection Report Transaction Date Wise
  • Fee Defaulter List
  • Fee Concession And Dues
  • Total Concession Report
  • Cancelled Receipt Reports
  • Student Wise Receipt Report
  • Waive Off Report
  • Amount Without Structure Reports
  • Advance Payments Report

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