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You can now take better control of all internal and external communication. Late fee reminder will be automatically sent via email and app notification. If not read in 4 hours, the app will automatically send an SMS to the parents. Increase parent engagement with chat and group communication.

The circulars and SMS can be generated in an instant and have a multilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different regions. Moreover, daily remarks related to the behavior, participation in various events, and others can be shared with parents so that the corrective measures can be taken without any delay. The event calendar is also included with an arrangement of pre scheduling the event where the notification via SMS and Mobile Application notification is sent on the pre scheduled date. The school may send an email of any kind and nature to the parents in a collective way via this module. Any form of communication sent via this module at any given point in time can be viewed instantly. No matter how old is the communication; it stays stored for reference during any occasion.

The presence of the parent(s) during Parent Teacher Interaction, their issues and concerns, remarks from Class Teacher and Subject Teachers can also be recorded and registered here.


  • Define SMS Type
  • Define SMS Template
  • Message Master
  • Compose SMS
  • Send SMS to a Number
  • Send Credentials
  • Send Schedule Sms
  • Schedule Birthday Sms
  • Send Voice SMS
  • Upload Voice SMS
  • Send Bulk SMS
  • Send Username & Password
  • Report SMS
  • Create SMS Group
  • Assign SMS Group
  • Send Group SMS
  • Send Emails
  • SMS Uses Report
  • Notice Board

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