school time table manager
time table management software

Time Table Manager

A smooth timetable is very crucial need of schools, Timetable management module accommodates all constraints related to staff, classes, labs, and schedules school’s timetable in the most productive and convenient manner. It gives the most accurate timetable in the first place, however it can be change manually.


  • Time Table Global Setting
  • Teacher Setting
  • Define Class Teacher
  • Class Setting
  • Assign Subject To Class
  • Define Subject
  • Period Allotment
  • Relate Resources To Subject
  • Class Teacher Subject
  • Subject Wise Teacher
  • Period Allotment New
  • Parallel Allocation
  • Fixed Allocation
  • Consecutive Allocation
  • Preferences Allocation
  • Create Predefined Timetable
  • Auto Generate Timetable
  • View And Modify Timetable
  • Replace Teacher
  • Assign One Teacher Timetable To Another
  • Modify Predefined Allocation
  • Substitution
  • Subject Details
  • Subject Teacher Details
  • Teachers Wing Wise
  • Parallel Allocation Details
  • Class Timetable
  • Teacher Time Table
  • Class And Resource Information
  • Free Teacher Per Week
  • Free Teachers List Day Wise
  • Teacher Timetable
  • Show Timetable At Glance

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